Monday, December 21, 2009

Fitness Update

I’m still at it…hitting the gym pretty much every day. I’m running every other day, and I’m doing strength and cardio on the in-between days. It’s consuming my life, but
I’m finally starting to see results when I step on the scale. Better yet, observant types are beginning to ask if I’ve lost weight. Though it makes me uncomfortable to be asked that (I’m more comfortable sharing my saga with random readers on the internet than one-on-one with people I know), it’s nice to hear it and it helps me to keep at it!

After about four weeks on the last strength program the trainer designed for me, I met with her again last Thursday and she came up with a new program for me to do on my strength/cardio days. I did that program solo for the first time today, and I think I like the added variety. The last program was all weight machines. Now I’m just doing minimal machines and doing some stuff that is more dependent on me…like exercises with those giant bouncy balls, dumbbells, an inclined bench, and such. Some of it is kind of challenging, but I’ll get the hang of it and continue to look forward to my strength/cardio days.

As for the running, which is where this all began and what this is all about, we’re switching that up too. I’ll still do my normal 3.1 mile interval run on one day (decreasing the walk intervals and increasing the run intervals), but we’ll replace the hill program with a flat run of which I’ll gradually be increasing the distance beyond 3.1 miles…3.5 miles this week, 4 miles next week, then 4.5 miles; you get the idea. The goal there is to someday be able to run a 10K or a half-marathon. My weekly 30-minute sprint workout (that I’ve previously mentioned is my favorite, and it still is) is being made more vigorous…it will still be a 1.5 minute walking interval, but the sprint interval is being increased from 30 seconds to 45. We’ll have to see if I can handle 8.5 mph for a whole 45 seconds. I may have to initially dial that speed down closer to 8 mph.

Consider yourself updated.

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