Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Proudly Athena

I think it sounds pretty bad-ass to be able to say I’m an “Athena” runner.  Calling a running guy a “Clydesdale” however, is something I can’t do with a straight face.  If you haven’t heard these terms before, you’ll occasionaly encounter Athena and Clydesdale divisions in running events.  Athenas are females more than 150 pounds, and Clydesdales are males more than 190.  Competing in these divisions takes you out of competition with your age group and pits you against other big-boned people!

Whenever I see the option to compete as an Athena in a race I sure do!  In my opinion, it’s the only chance I have to compete for a medal, and competition is what drives me (In my running club, I’m happy that they offer Athena and Clydesdale divisions for their Gold Cup Series!).  Sure, competition with my own personal best is great, but you can’t tell me that competition against others isn’t motivating!  And you can’t tell me you wouldn’t want a little bling hanging around your neck as you leave a race!

Unfortunately, oftentimes when these divisions are offered, not too many Athenas seem to sign up.  I’m not sure if it’s because they don’t know what it is or perhaps more likely, they don’t have the self-confidence to proudly declare that they weigh more than 150 pounds (I honestly haven’t weighed that little since 5th grade!).  Personally, I think it should be more like 175 or so, but that’s just this proud 197-pound big girl talking! (That’s right, 197! I’ve lost 20 pounds since my Shakeology journey began in December. #WeighInWednesday)

If you fit the criteria, go ahead and proudly sign up for the Athena or Clydesdale division next time you see it offered!

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