Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kent's Run 5K

Saturday May 29th I participated in the third annual Kent’s Run 5K ( in Boone Grove, Indiana (a tiny dot on the map south of Valparaiso). It was an absolutely fantastic event, and I will definitely be participating in Kent’s Run in the future! Kent Ribordy was a local 16-year old who enjoyed running and farming and lost his battle with leukemia in 2007. The race is held in his memory with proceeds benefitting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Without going into great detail, here are some of the reasons why Kent’s Run was awesome:

1. It’s a great cause.

2. All the people involved were very nice.

3. It was very well organized.

4. The weather was lovely.

5. The 5K was around a country block…great scenery for a farm girl like me.

6. There was a pace tractor that led the race, albeit a John Deere. (I’m not from a John Deere family, but I still appreciated it!)

7. My sister was passing through the area and joined me for the event.

8. The race shirt is the coolest one I’ve gotten so far in my short career as a 5K runner.

9. Everyone got an awesome medal, which is very uncommon in 5Ks.

10. There was a pancake breakfast following the race.

Here are a few pictures my sister and I took on our phones that morning:

Bright and early before the race!
I was assigned #219, like our area code!

My sister Anne and me waiting for the race to get started.

Most awesome medal ever!

My sister and me with the pace tractor after the race.

Mmmm...pancakes and sausage!

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