Saturday, November 21, 2009

Old Crow Medicine Show is AMAZING!

My sister Anne, bro-in-law Jeremy, my friend Randy, and I attended our second Old Crow Medicine Show concert in Chicago at the Vic Theatre on November 19th, 2009. Shows like this are in venues that are standing room only on the main floor, so you have to be early. We were waiting outside the door when the doors open and got to be right down front; leaning against the stage the whole time…it was awesome!

(The trip to the theatre is another whole story, since Randy and I had to get from a conference at Purdue in West Lafayette to the Vic in Chicago…it was all going good until we hit traffic. I really don’t know how people deal with that traffic on a daily basis. It was hell.)

If you're unfamiliar with the Old Crow Medicine Show, you should become familiar with them...they're awesome. I'm especially enamored with Ketch Secor, the fiddle player. Actually, “enamored” might be too weak of a verb. Ketch is amazing and thanks to our great spot against the stage, I was probably not 7 feet away from him!!

If you want to know why I'm enamored with Ketch and his fiddle skills and why this is an awesome band to see live, check them out on You Tube or check out this live footage on their website:

I took a BUNCH of pictures. Here’s a link to my photos from the show…

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