Friday, April 4, 2014

Summer Slim Down Challengers WANTED!

You may not know me, but if you did, you’d know that I tell it like it is, and I truly believe in the power of Beachbody to make a difference in lives! I mean, in my first few months using Beachbody’s Shakeology nutrition, I’ve lost 22 pounds! And now for the month of April there are some great deals that combine the balanced nutrition of Shakeology with Beachbody’s awesome workout programs for maximum results to get you ready for summer!

I’m looking for 3 people to ACCEPT THE SUMMER SLIMDOWN CHALLENGE by ordering a Beachbody Challenge Pack by April 25th! The first 3 to place their order will receive a special gift from me!

This month the popular and super-effective Focus T25 Challenge Pack (CP) is on special for just $180 (A savings of $90!). This program gets you results in just 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week! Star trainer Shaun T has even included modifications so regardless of your ability level, you can do this program and GET RESULTS!

I highly recommend the T25 Challenge Pack, the short workouts will fit your busy lifestyle and get you results! Check out a video here: Focus T25!
Click here for more info or to order! 

Also on special this month is the Brazil Butt Lift Challenge pack. This is sure to get you ready to hit the beach this summer! Check out a video here: Brazil Butt Lift!
Click here for more info or to order!

A bit more about the Shakeology: This isn’t your typical protein or meal replacement shake! It has the proper carb to protein ratio to keep you feeling full, give you natural energy, curb your cravings for sweets, & keep you healthy! It’s quick, easy, and convenient to get you fueled and out the door!

That's right. I wanna be your cheerleader
for your fitness journey! (Yeah, that's me
in sixth grade.)
Fitness + nutrition + support = results! When you order, you’re not just going to get some DVDs and a bag of Shakeology, you’re going to get a cheerleader…ME! We’ll get you plugged into my team’s next Challenge Group (a private Facebook support/accountability group) to help keep you on track, I’ll check in with you regularly, and you can contact me anytime if you need a little kick in the pants! ;-)  I want you to succeed.  I want you to stay focused and accountable.  I want you to get your money’s worth out of this wonderful investment in your health and well-being!

SO ARE YOU READY? LET'S GET STARTED! Contact me right away, and let's get you started on your path to a fit and healthy summer!, Twitter, Facebook