Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Survive the Halloween Candy & Pumpkin Pie!

Ashley F. lost 22 lbs in 60 days with PiYo! "I thought I might never be myself again before I started this program but I finally feel like I am back to the person I was long ago."
Did you get into the Halloween treats and are now feeling bloated and blah? I've got some ideas to get your from the Halloween candy all the way to Thanksgiving's pumpkin pie and beyond.....

Heard of PiYo? The awesome program from celebrity trainer Chalene Johnson? It's a great way to relieve your pre-holiday stress and get your body lean and defined for the holidays. This month you have a few special options available to add PiYo to your regimen...

Don't like those veggies at your Thanksgiving dinner? Drink Shakeology instead! It's your daily dose of dense nutrition and it helps keep your energy up and your hunger down. The Challenge Pack combines PiYo plus your first month of Shakeology for one low price... just $140 this month.

Option 2: The PiYo Kickstart Challenge Pack
Have you heard of the 3-Day Refresh? Get a jump start on the next chapter of your fitness journey with this great detox system! Kickstart your workout with the 3-Day Refresh and then get long, lean and sexy with PiYo and Shakeology. This Challenge Pack is priced at only $180 for November ONLY.

Now is when weight gain can creep up... we've had our Halloween candy, and now the major "eating holidays" of Thanksgiving and Christmas are fast-approaching. Between now and January 1st, the average person gains 7-12 pounds. Why not lose those 7-12 pounds instead!?

Contact me for more information on these specials or any of our amazing Beachbody programs! As a bonus, you'll get me as your cheerleader to motivate you to stay on track as we work our way toward surviving the holiday season as fit & healthy as possible! Together we'll have the healthiest holiday ever!

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